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5 minutes with Ekta Singh

Molén: Who is EKTA SINGH?

Ekta Singh is an Indian born international fashion designer. Known for her intricate embroideries, feminine flawless clean lines, immaculate cuts and unblemished finish; Ekta has created a unique aspirational world that alludes to sensuality and sophistication. Exquisite details intricate draping and a nonchalant sense of style characterize the EKTA SINGH aesthetic.Her sense of detailed embroideries and embelishments finely honed on her clothes, each creation handcrafted to perfection, with meticulous attention to aspects such as cut, color, drape and feel of the garment.

Apart from her luxury prêt line, Ekta Singh also specializes in high-end signature style bridal wear with the most exquisite embroideries often making use of specially formed pure gold and silver threads neatly sewn on self designed intensely detailed art forms . Each bridal piece is like an heirloom with over two months of hard labor and 20 craftsmen working on each piece. Over the years, Ekta has been responsible for designing wedding trousseaus for several wealthy and reputed families in India and internationally.

With an exclusive store in New Delhi, Ekta over the years expanded her wings outside India to cater to her clients from Europe, Middle East, Australia and USA. Ekta Singh’s brand appeal is aimed at today’s luxury discerning customers. Her designs have not only been adored and acclaimed by the global fashion fraternity and media; it has also been featured in various international fashion publications. Her collection augments her charming style and truly points towards the direction of fashion’s future with crystal clarity.

Apart from her flagship store in New Delhi, India, the EKTA SINGH label is available as a host of prestigious retail outlets across the UAE and Middle East market. These include Mumbai Se, Harvey Nichols (Saudi Arabia), Studio 8 (UAE), Kimaya, Sauce, Designer's Lounge (Kuwait), Design Studio, etc. to name a few.

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Name of the collection -and creative inspiration

Ekta Singh’s SS 12 collection titled "Rubik's Cube of Life", interprets the season’s bold colour blocking and pleating theme in various manifestations. A part of the collection is inspired by the Rubik’s Cube, wherein, the interplay of the cubes forming a colour parade is reflected in the outfits using colour block shifts to solid brights’ in contrasting colours. An additional touch of the embellished artwork adds to the overall appeal. This particular part of the collection includes resort wear and luxury prêt lines ranging from tunics to kaftans to evening dresses.

“When you first buy a Rubik’s Cube, it is completed; with all sides correctly aligned with the respective colours. However, when you begin turning it, the colors mix up and soon one finds it difficult to bring it back in order. Life is a lot like this. It’s filled with various colours of puzzling emotions and one’s constant search for the right algorithm to twist the Rubik’s Cube of Life back in order”, says Ekta Singh.

As Erno Rubik, the inventor of Rubik’s Cube quoted when he first designed the cube, “It was wonderful to see how after only a few turns, the colors became mixed, apparently in random fashion. Like after a nice walk when you have seen many lovely sights you decide to go home, after a while I decided it was time to go home, let us put the cubes back in order. And it was at that moment that I came face to face with the Big Challenge: What is the way home?"

The second part of the collection is very feminine with a captivating modern and trendy appeal. It uses varying subtle shades to monochrome evening dresses. The key highlight of this section remains the rich and intricate details of the signature style jeweled embellishments, which bestow a spectacularly glamorous appeal to the garments. The selection includes elegant evening dresses in soothing colours, attractive designs which are sophisticatedly handcrafted to perfection.

Who inspired you for this collection

The fabric of life is a real canvas which allows me to draw inspiration each day and paint my creativity in the form of fashion.


It varies from short tunic shift dresses to long flowing evening and maxi dresses.


For the SS12 collection there is a lot of sea green, sea blues, gold, bubblegum pink, ruby,orange black ,white and nude.Some are used in forms of fabric colour blocking and some through use of thread and stone embroideries in contrast and vibrant colours.


Specially pleated tules, french chiffons,pleated crepes and flowing georgettes.


Range from colour blocked and structured fitted garments to colour blocked flowing gowns.


My signature style jewelled embellishment and handcrafted threadwork/embroideries accessorize the garments on its own.

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