Thursday, October 20, 2011

5 minutes with Mirela Stelea

Mirela Stelea

Focusing on high quality fabrics and fine finishing apparel, Mirela Stelea has gained good feedback both from critics and public based on her refined and feminine pret-a-porter outfits.

Her main target is to bring to the public vivid colored, delicate, exotic, breezy outfits designed for exclusive, but also, casual events. From a nice walk under the pleasant sunshine to fabulous evening cocktails, from a relaxing time on the beach to memorable wedding moments, Mirela Stelea dresses make the dreams come true. After graduating European Fashion Institute, at Barcelona (Spain) three years ago, Mirela Stelea has launched her own fashion business, launching Terzza Design collection which was presented at Bucharest Fashion Week. Mirela’s wedding gowns collection was atferwards presented at Dubai Bride Show in March 2011.

In july 2011, Mirela Stelea has launched Romania’s first Cruise collection. “Unforgettable” is the name of this exclusive concept, that consists in seven delicate dresses, designed to be worn on cruises, yacht trips, pool parties and evening summer cocktails.

The spectacular photo shooting was set on a 1,5 million euro yacht, while cruising the beautiful waters of The Black Sea. It was realised by renowned fashion photographer Oltin Dogaru, starring the international model Nicoleta Vaculov. The whole concept is signed by ADPM PR, the first Romanian PR celebrity agency.

Continuing to bring something new in the field of Romanian design, Mirela Stelea has launched a splendid collection of jumpsuits, emphasized through a unique photo shoot, carried on board of a private jet. While jersey jumpsuits are colorful, funky, bold and provocative, the ones made of veil and silk are delicate, precious and refined.

"Jumpsuits are the hottest fashion item of this season, and each jumpsuit I create is unique and made with passion." The photo shoot is signed by the fashion photographer Doru Amariucai and features the international model Roxana Paraschivoiu.


Name of the collection: Loose

Molén: Who inspired you for this collection?

I have always created especially for women who want to be admired, to leave a stunning impression everywhere they go. Jumpsuits are the ultimate option for being feminine and elegant. I remember, when I was in Barcelona, one year ago, a woman entered a lobby hotel, dressed in a spectacular turqoise silk body shaped jump suit. She was stunning and turned all the looks. Everybody stood still and quiet for at least 15 seconds. For this kind of breathtaking moments I decided to create Loose collection. So that every other woman could live that Barcelona Hotel experience at least once in a lifetime.


All jump suits are down to ankle long. Some of the jumpsuits made of jersey could be ankle tight, so that they can be pulled in the boots, others could be left free just to cover the up side of the high heels sandals.

The jumpsuits made of natural silk are also long till the ankle, large, most of them covering almost the entire sandals.

Colors and fabrics: Half of the collection is made of jersey, in strong colors such as gold, silver, red, orange, brown, and half of natural silk, also in strong colors such as turquoise, orange-pink, green and also white.


The collection is called “Loose” just to explain the ease, the comfort the items give you while wearing them. There are jumpsuits that cover body imperfections. Everybody could look gorgeous in them. The jersey ones are elastic and ease at the same time. The silk ones are incredibly comfortable and, because they are covering 75% of the body, eliminate any imperfections as well.


The jumpsuits can be worn with long diamond/ Swarovski earrings, petal shaped earrings, big sized bracelets, oversized necklace, silk belts, etc.

Molén: Thank you!!

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