Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ameera Aamer: Dubai Fashion Week

DFW FW11: Ameera Aamer

The 'Amira' collection from designer Ameera Aamer's kitty is a well-balanced mix of abayas and dresses. With outfits in plush fabrics and a riot of colors, the collection pays homage to acclaimed Bahraini fashion designer Kubra Al Qaseer's work.

With international style influences being manifested in her creations, jalabiya-inspired gowns and kimono-like abayas were seen on the runway.

A hot pink ankle length dress was worn with a sunset inspired jacket with green velvet trimming. Outfits in sheer fabric, with contrasting velvet borders were followed by an outfit with alternating tiers of gold patterns and embroidery. Outfits in rich colors of magenta and crimson were paired with jackets and sleeve ends in lighter shades. An outfit in frilly red tulle was paired with a green blouse with gemstones adorning the neckline.

Pullover abayas with patterned sleeves, were followed by a baggy jumpsuit abaya, with batwing sleeves ending in loose trousers. Jacket abayas draped to fall from the bust were held up by embellishments at the shoulder and waistlines. With floral and swirl motifs adorning the draped outfits, the black fabric was also paired with a mirror work under layer, giving the classic outfit a refreshing makeover.

Photo Cortesy: Dubay Fashion Week

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