Sunday, April 10, 2011


Molén: who is Montaigne?

Michel de Montaigne was one of the most influential writers of the French Renaissance. Many monuments, streets of places in France hold his name as a tribute to his great work in the world of litterature. I choose to call My brand Montaigne, because Avenue Montaigne in Paris in for me the most beautiful street in the city. I use to walk this avenue when I was a teenager, dreaming that one day I would be a part of the fabulous world of fashion.

What is the name of your collection?

I did not give a specific name to my collection because I don't like to label things, I am consistantly evolving therefore, I stick to the name of my label, Montaigne, and tend not to give any name to my collections as they are the result of a lot of thinking and ideas and one title could not express all of them.

who inspired you (for the last collection)?

I was inpired by parisian chic and elegant arab ladies that I came accross in Paris and Dubai. I also was inspired by strong woman that just wear what they want without caring what others think. I think being honest to yourself and express your personality through your clothes is the best thing anyone could do.

which colors, fabrics did you use?

denim, leather, coton, jersey and satin.

shapes: geometrical with a lot of power shoulders and fitted trousers and leggings

Lengths: long legging and pants but extra short dresses.:-)

Mood Style: Very daring, parisian , casual chic and edgy.

Accessories: I love my half hand leather gloves and geek classes, perfect accessorizes to finish an outift!!!

where we can buy your designs?

My designs are available on and buyers can contact me at

Thanks very much

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Molén: Thank you

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