Wednesday, April 6, 2011

interview with Jaya Misra

Molén: Who is Jaya Misra?

Jaya Misra is the upcoming designer from India who has bagged the 17th

Lions Gold Award and is styling for many bollywood movies and stars. Fashion has always been a way of her life. Creativity has been herheart-core passion. Designer Jaya Misra am a topper from NIFT, has forayedinto the field of fashion design. More than a designer, she is an inimitable artist. Her charming personality and her deep passion for designing has always kept her designs in the lime light and made it a favorite among many. Her creations emphasize a Bohemian chic that is coupled with subtle sensitivity. Her main focus nonetheless remains to be the bridal couture, styling in different ways.

In your earlier years, how did you decide that you eventually wanted to become a designer?

My deep passion for designing and great sense of creativity along with my long-cherished dream to become a well establish designer, were the three main pillars for me choosing this field.

Who inspires you?

I have always been attracted towards creative and imaginative endeavors. Fashion seemed like the perfect platform for me.

How do you put your chosen colors together?

My greatest inspiration has always been Nature while choosing colours. The different tints in sky, transparency of Water resulting in various shades, the different hues of flowers and mountains comes into my mind while making the choice of colour palette.

When you design something, what goes through your mind?

My focus while designing a garment is making them stylish, so my creations draw on the traditional Indian motifs but make them relevant to the modern sensibilities. Hence my collection is just the right mix of modernity and tradition. Luxurious fabrics, exquisite craftsmanship, styles & cuts, fabulous colour contrast and careful attention to details are the hallmarks of my essembles.

I also lay more stress on Quality and Finishing, which leads toperfection.

Does the preparation of a season's collection take time?

Yes, about5-6 months. Alot of research work is required regarding trends and market we are targeting to along with which we have incorporate our motifs and styling.

What is the name of your collection?

Jaya Misra collection entitled Navratna, incorporating the nine prominent colours symbolizing nine precious gems. The number 9 has a special significance in Hindu philosophy as it related to nine Goddess in India.

Which fabrics and colors you use?

We have tried to club various shades as multi-colour has captured the

upcoming market. Different & gorgeous patterns, sensuous fabrics, Sworaski work along with fabulous colour shades make the garment look royal and are easy to carry. Luxurious Fabrics such as Georgette, Chiffion, Net, Raw-silk, Velvet and Brocade are widely used.

How do you intend women to feel when wearing your designs?

The Indian women should feel stylish yet retain the traditional flavour of Indian culture.

What do you have to say the next generation, particularly for those hoping to follow in your footsteps?

One should be comfortable with the attire one is wearing. It should suit one's personality..."Make your own style statement".





2/3 Justice Dwarka Nath Road

Kolkata - 700 020.

Ph: (033) 24869040

Mob: 9831474444

Fotos: Haider Khan

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