Friday, April 22, 2011

Anum Moosa: Dubai Fashion Week

DFW FW11: Anum Moosa

18-year-old designer Anu Moosa made her debut at Dubai Fashion Week with her collection 'Ghost Creepers'. With heavy Goth and punk rock influences, the outfits were influenced by the likes of Vivienne Westwood. Moosa, a second year student at ESMOD Dubai, uses spike studs as they were seen on structured jackets, as well as leggings and short skirts. The collection, with its fierce 70s influence also saw a few creations in soft fabric with embellishments and sweeping hems in knitwear. Soft crochet knitwear was paired with polyester and leather to provide a wardrobe for the woman who confidently flaunts her darker side.


Mexican born Marie Carmen Fallaha believes in prioritizing comfortable style above all other design elements. Hand-knitted cardigans in dark colours were worn over printed jumpsuits as over-sized cashmere tunics were paired with leather leggings. The outfits were worn with pumps and purses in matching hues. Emphasizing on effortless chic, the prêt line saw baggy tops with hearts, blades and lip-shaped motifs in soft fabric with loose silk trousers. Highlights include voluminous single-sleeved dresses and outfits in shimmery wool with short hemlines bathed in sequins.

Photo Cortesy: Dubai Fashion Week

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