Monday, April 4, 2011

Interview with Shrekahnth

Molén: Who is Shrekahnth?

Shrekahnth lives in fashion like a Trappist monk, who lives in his faith. i have no other world and no other life. Fashion is my world and its my life.

Molén: Who inspires you?

A women who needs to be unique, intellectual and artistic.

Molén: How do you put your chosen colors together?

I some times dream about my patterns, like in my latest collection i was dreaming a human nervous system forming a futuristic city with colors of red and midnight dark and moon, earth, stars shining from a different planet and sometimes it comes naturally to put them in a pattern i am inspired from.

Molén: When you design something, what goes through your mind?

My inspiration, Art, Architecture and cultural and religious values i am around with to reinvent in a modern format.

Molén: What is the name of your collection?

Futurism, which i have put about whats my inspiration.

Molén: Which fabrics and colors you used?


Fabrics are all pure silks from different parts of the world and colors are very futuristic and shapes are very geometric.

Molén: How do you intend women to feel when wearing your designs?

I just want her to be very confident in her uniqueness. i can make a women so unique that she moves like a gadget with art.

Molén: What do you have to say the next generation, particularly for those hoping to follow in your footsteps?

I am a designer who have come out of next generation. Dubai fashion week has played a bigger part in my career. we dont have fashion councils like BFC or CFDA in middle east but DFW supported me when i need to survive in fashion. I have always put my shows next to emerging talent to make sure atleast one would fallow and believe in passion for what his uniqueness is.

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