Sunday, April 24, 2011

Interview with Arshia Khan: Arshys

Molén: who is Arshys by Arshia Khan?

ARSHYS is the brand/label of UAE based fashion designer Arshia Khan. It captivates the senses by effortlessly bringing together contemporary chic alongside timeless classic elegance in an imaginative blend of signature pieces and collections that speak to the modern, fashion aware woman. The label sells successfully through renowned boutiques across Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

What is the name of your collection?

The name of my Fall/Winter 2011/2012 collection, showcased through Dubai Fashion Week on the 22nd of April is ---Give me my “Leather” & take away my “Lace”

This collection is high end prêt-a-porter. It takes you through a world of contrasts; masculine vs. feminine, pleats vs. drapes and finally leather vs. lace. For this collection, there were elements fused together from old retro style to newer designs. It almost oscillates between different epochs of time, where in the 80s were the source of inspiration for kaftans with neon, bright colors which were followed by long, loose bohemian shirts and short dresses which the designer relied on for her baroque era inspired collection.

who inspired you (for the last collection)?
For my previous collection, I took inspiration from the 80's that takes you through contemporary cuts, Swarovski studded belts; Perfect for the modern, independent woman, not afraid to indulge in some nostalgic opulence.

which colors, fabrics did you use?
Luxurious silk, soft lace juxtaposed alongside supple leather.The end result is a marriage of the two polarly contrasting materials used in a manner such as to create the illusion of an almost oyster like aesthetic whereby the delicate pearl is encompassed and protected by a hardened shell.The emphasis is on exaggerated shoulders, reminiscent of the 80s. But it’s not all about broad shoulders — rather it’s anything that creates a perfect balance between two extremes be it volume or texture.

Where we can buy your designs?
At the moment some of the pieces from the collection are available at Valleydez boutique at the Wafi Mall in Dubai. Individual buyers can also approach ARSHYS through her website to purchase her designs.

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