Thursday, April 21, 2011

Emerging Talent Show: Dubai Fashion Week

DFW FW11: Day 3

Dubai Fashion Week’s Emerging Talent show, comprising six names to watch out for, kicked off the third day of the Fall/Winter 2011 line-ups.

Azdan Zandi with her 9-outfit collection, inspired by lilies fused modernity with feminine grace. Her outfits were classically feminine, incorporating futuristic detailing and sharp cuts. Outfits in lamé, black and white featured in the collection. One shoulder dresses rode up to reveal lamé inner-sides. The collection with its formal and eveningwear outfits were complemented by puffed hairstyles and dangling crystal earrings adding a touch of opulence. An innovative dress with a separate neckpiece that could be modified and worn in different ways to change the look of the outfit won audience approval.

European designer Anna Gurgacz, presented audiences with a blend of lavish Arab designs and simple European fashion. Inspired by the fuchsia flower, the outfits came in multiple hues of pink. Tiered-sleeves were accompanied by stiff hip attachments and belts with intricate knit work. The outfits utilised stretch fabric, satin and crepe. Chiffon sashes were draped around the outfits giving them a soft touch.

Debutante designer Sarah Mrad presented her 10-outfit collection for the petite woman. Borrowing heavy French influences that manifested as short figure enhancing outfits and frou-frou dresses were adorned with bows, buttons as well as laser cut flowers. The 50s and 60s inspired dresses in muslin and tulle were reminiscent of old school Hollywood glamour.

Fresh designer Kay Li, dazzled audiences with her upbeat collection of 8-pieces that used traditional Fall fabrics such as wool and leather. Bubble skirts with sharp cuts were paired with pleated bodices. Symmetrical panelling made its way into narrow trousers as well as structured jackets. A backless pocketed gown with burgundy appliqués on the bust was followed by pin-tucked pants in grey accompanied by a grey coat with leather shoulders. Extensive zipper and pocket detailing added a futuristic edge to the collection.

Sophie Wanney's 9-outfit nature-inspired worked with minimalist designs aiming at the bold and powerful woman of today. Cropped jackets were paired with straight pants as panelled shirts with symmetrical patterns were paired with A-line skirts.

Sara Al Rafai’s 5-outfit collection infused colour and stylish cuts into the wardrobe of the young Arab woman. A black abaya with red bust appliqués opened the show. Dresses inspired by jalabiyas and abayas followed in hues of salmon, green and camel were paired with puffed sleeved bodices and long jackets.

Photo Cortesy: Dubai Fashion Week

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