Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Interview with Hadi Katra

Molén: Who is Hadi Katra?

Hadi Katra is a great fashion designer from Lebanon, his wedding collection of bridal dresses are amazing.

Elegance, style, a touch of originality and spring freshness underline this bridal collection by designer Hadi Katra.

Born from an unlimited imagination, and a great love for fashion, hundreds of sketches are created to pay homage to the bride, the source of inspiration, and romance.

Hadi Katra’s complete collections of the glamorous ready-to-wear, trendy corsets and stylish tops are also displayed at boutique Roblanche.

Molén: Who inspires you?
the woman is my inspiration above all, and i get inspired from differnent things in nature, music, sculptures... i like to sit alone with some music when i am creating a collection, so i can get all my senses working and feeling each sketch i make.

Molén: How do you put your chosen colors together?
i love colors and fabrics, and i love to combine them in so many ways. i do a lot of patchwork designs on the dresses, and i like to mix different fabrics and colors together in a classy and fashionable way, to give a unique style and look.

Molén: When you design something, what goes through your mind?
i think of the woman wearing the sketch i am designing, i see the dress being part of the woman and giving her the character that she resembles. i like the strong modern woman, who leaves an impact whenever she goes and does. my clients are a lot like my designs, they are bold and stand out wherever they are.

Molén: What is the name of your collection?
the name of this collection is "daynight!"
the theme of this collection was the woman in the day and at night. how she transforms herself from a trendy colorful woman in the day to being the classy and elegant woman at night.

Molén: Which fabrics and colors you use?
as i said before, i love to mix many colors and fabrics together. in this collection i used the jersey, taffetas, printed muslin, lace, chiffon, satin silks and tulle... as for the colors, i went for the red, yellow, gold, shades of purples and lavender, white and ivory, as well as black and black and white.

Molén: How do you intend women to feel when wearing your designs?
my designs are for the strong and bold woman, she will wear my dress that completes her image and character. the trendy woman will feel confident, strong and will give a statement with her look that reflects her. my gowns are very carefully made to show the best in the woman, and make her feel sexy, glamorous and feminine.

Molén: What do you have to say the next generation, particularly for those hoping to follow in your footsteps?
i advise each designer to follow his heart when creating a look. there are a lot of imitations and designers who copy others, this is not designing, this is pure cheap imitation of the original design. each deigner has a unique vision and he should reinforce it by working hard and believe in it to make it work. it may take some time, but enventually if he is true to himself and others, he will achieve his goals.

Molén: Thank you
Photos: Manuel Nieves and Hadi's Facebook

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