Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interview with Tatyana Aceeva

Molén: Who is Tatyana?

Tatyana Aceeva is a leading Jordan-based fashion designer with a passion for art and style. She is a self taught half-Iraqi, half-Russian designer, who has long enjoyed painting, made her move into the world of fashion design in June 2009, cutting patterns and drawing sketches that flatter the female body in a glamorous and modern feel. Months later, she began producing her line of haute couture evening and cocktail dresses.

She formally opened her first boutique in Sweifieh, Amman, on Sept. 25, 2009, showcasing her first women’s evening wear collection designed to meet the needs of today's fashionable and stylish females. Following the success of her line she has launched her collection at STRADA, Jordan’s top high end fashion boutique in October 2010.

Her extensive travel across the Middle East, Russia and Europe, have allowed her a unique insight into the cultures and lifestyles of East and West, inspiring her simple yet elegant designs for women that are dreamlike and glamorous .

What is the name of the collection?

The name of the collection is “A return to glamour“

Who inspired you?

An everyday modern woman, that strives to be feminine, sensual and glamorous

Which colors fabrics did you use?

I use variety of pure silks, crepe de chine, chiffons, crepes georgette, taffetas and other natural materials to accentuate the body and enhance easy movement as well as allure.

Dominant colors in Tatyana Aceeva Fall/winter collection are: different shades of silver and nudes, emerald green, sapphire blue, shades of purple

Shapes: Simple lines on free-flowing fabrics to accentuate movement, Classic mermaid shapes and figure hugging shapes

Lengths:Above the knee or long with the trail

Mood Style:Eternal quality and style

Accesories:Chunky Swarovski bracelets or layers of black pearl necklaces that are different lengths

Website: www.tatyanaaceeva.com

Photos Cortesy: Tatyana Aceeva

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