Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mariam Al Mazro/Gmaash : Dubai Fashion Week

DFW FW11: Mariam Al Mazro/Gmaash

Sister duo Mariam and Moza Al Mazro showcased their individual Fall/Winter line-ups at DFW 2011.

Marian Al Mazro's brand, ‘Mimi’ is popular in the region for its energetic prints and bold use of colour. The 4-year-old brand presented maxi dresses and flowing gowns that transformed playful designs into modest silhouettes, thereby giving them a modern touch. Bands of vibrantly coloured cloth ranged from the intricately patterned to sparsely printed and were alternated to create ready-to-wear outfits. Leopard prints met floral and geometric patters to form designs that remained graceful in all their vibrancy. Inspired by the charming English countryside, models wore barely-there make-up and donned simple hairstyles.

‘G'Maash’ by Moza Al Mazro sought inspiration from women in the Orientalist paintings of the 19th century. Two-piece outfits dominated the collection, as flamboyant gold trousers and intricately designed blouses were paired with solid-coloured pieces. Launched as part of the Emerging Talent segment in Dubai Fashion Week 2010, the latest line-up from ‘G’Maash’ was generous on layering and straight cuts. Hues ranged from pastels to brighter tones, while silhouettes varied from knee-length dresses, A-line skirts, flowing maxi-dresses and pleated skirts.

Photos Cortesy: Dubai Fashion Week

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